Weeknote 4 (2023)

πŸ—Ί Google Maps reviews I’ve been, for years, leaving Google Maps reviews of the places I visit. Not so much for others but for me. I’ve found myself finding places I had forgotten about just to find my review saying “must repeat or must avoid”. Lately, I’ve been getting to most of my review replies […]

Weeknote 3 (2023)

The week started very well πŸ’― There’s a Chinese place nearby that sells Korean-style chicken πŸ‡°πŸ‡· For 9.5€ you get 6 boneless pieces of spicy and sweet chicken, some small rice cakes, and pickled radish. Doesn’t seem like much but the pieces are big enough for one person to have lunch 😌 This week I […]

Weeknote 2 (2023)

I am a sucker for ramen, luckily in Barcelona there are decent options very close to the real thing, as if you were slurping soup in Tokyo.  The ramen here was good but on the other hand with these shrimps, we were ripped off 8€ for 4 miserable things. πŸ› Food, why do you hate […]

Fediverse etiquette

It was inevitable, as Thanos said. When Twitter users migrated to the Fediverse the culture was about to change. Thankfully the majority of my interactions are still within that old and nice culture of exchange 😌 I’ve had, however, some disappointments I want to share where I have zero tolerance for. Your time, my time, […]

Weeknote 1 (2023)

🍬 🍫 Sweets, turrones and drinks 🍹 End of year holidays… am I right? Time to eat what you don’t eat the rest of the year. For me, as a martial teacher feels like sabotaging my training and gains. It’s hard to turn down chocolaty turrones or a cocktail here and there. The problem with […]

First attempt at #NaNoWriMo

This year I attempted the National Novel Writing Month (#NaNoWriMo) challenge. You can read all about it on the website but the long story short is trying to push amateur writers to write down a 50.000-word piece during the month of November. You can engage with the community there or not. I chose only to […]

The Fediverse is just amazing

Or rather… the people on the Fediverse is just amazing πŸ˜‰ A few years ago I created an account on, I eventually learned what the decentralization is about and migrated to the smaller (yet still big enough) instance mastodon.technologyA month ago I created my own Mastodon instance at (more on how and why […]


So a few weeks ago I made it to 35 years young πŸŽ‚ πŸ₯³ It was a different birthday, as it happened while I was traveling in South Korea. For me, that was a novelty. For the past decade I think I’ve always celebrated it in Barcelona, with friends and family. Ok, not that I […]

Reclaiming email ownership

⚠️ This blog post is a little bit technical, sorry in advance! Read quite some stuff this past few weeks about email. Self hosting email is great but it has nothing do to with privacy. If you send emails to your contacts at, let’s say, @gmail accounts then Google has your emails (unless you encrypt […]