Masks and my first trip to Japan

✈️ Back in 2009, I visited Japan 🇯🇵 for what I didn’t know would be my first visit to the country and Asia in general. It was my first long-distance trip, like flying across the world and it changed a …

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Weeknote 16 (2021)

It has been a busy couple of weeks. Long story short, I adopted a cat! 😻 The process, which should’ve been easy, wasn’t. Well, ok, it depends on where do you go to. In the end, after weeks of talks, …

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A laptop, mug and notepad on a table

Weeknote 12 (2021)

👨‍💻 The work from home revolution At this point, you’ve probably read how the world has embraced the work from home. How companies are going fully remote, how the teams are functioning just as they were before but now without …

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flat screen tv

Weeknote 11 (2021)

🌱 Custom planter for my balcony This week I’ve been looking for wooden planters. You would think it’s easy, and you’d be right if you had lots of space. In the city, balconies are usually not very spacious (mine’s not …

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Weeknote 9 (2021)

👨‍💻 Single-board computer The week started great, I bought a Raspberry Pi (4 model B). It’s a small computer at a crazy low price that allows you to do anything you’d want from a computer. I felt like a hacker …

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The letters VOTE are shown in a solid background

Catalan elections during a pandemic

Surprisingly casting my vote was smoother than in pre-COVID years. Yes, the queue was long, we were there for about one hour. Most of the time, just standing on the street. 😮 Smooth and well organized The queue steadily moved …

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River in a mountain landscape

Barcelona’s absurd water pricing

I’m calling BS on the whole pricing system for the water supply in the city of Barcelona 😤 I don’t even know how to begin my rant, I’m moving from anger 😡, to frustration 😭, to disappointment 😞. I have …

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A sign on a wooden door that says We Have Aircon

Enforced IoT

First of all, let me say I ❤️ technology. I make my living off it 💰 However, I don’t like when we’re not given a choice 😡 You see, my newly installed Samsung 🇰🇷 air conditioner can not be programmed …

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A bucket of paint

Weeknote 51 (2020)

I have been busy. Busy and with my mind somewhere else. Where? My new apartment 🏡 I know… here I am again ranting about it. Only those who have undergone renovations can understand the pain of working with the contractors, …

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A sign that says closed hangs on a glass door

Weeknote 44 (2020)

😔 Kicked in the nuts, again. The Catalan government has imposed new restrictions as of today. Amongst others, they’ve closed off all the sports facilities because they don’t deem them to be a “first necessity”. Thus, our school had to …

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