Social media makes no sense

You can spend hours researching, coding, testing, then writing a blog post to share with the world. Or you can simply send a tweet 🐦 Recently I shared a small piece of code on Twitter and it got lots of love. I don’t think I’ve ever had such engagement. At the moment of this writing […]

Weeknote 18 (2022)

😱 First trip after 2 years Next month I’m doing a small trip (1 night) since hell broke loose. I’m even taking a plane! ✈️ 🤯I’m taking three of my students to see my master for their promotion test. Should be great, it has been long, too long. Have you had any trips since 2020? […]

Weeknote 15 (2022)

The Rona got me 🤧 Yep, I came down with COVID two weeks ago. Thankfully it could’ve been worse. 👍 The best? Felt like the flu. One day of fever and then a runny nose. After a week I had almost no symptoms. 👎 The worse? I temporarily lost the sense of smell, thus the […]

Weeknote 10 (2022)

After Effects 📹 This week I’ve learned the very basics of using Adobe After Effects to create videos. I have never been any good at this (not I am now). I have always used Apple’s iMovie. It’s easy enough and gets the job done for simple things. This time, however, I wanted more control over […]

The American from Hong Kong

Years ago I was on a mission to improve my English, like actively improving it. One of the measures was doing language exchange. The concept is easy, you meet with someone who natively speaks the language you want to learn. You both get experience with each other’s native tongue. On one occasion I met this […]

Text files, you gotta love them

I was reading Write plain text files from Derek Sivers and yes, you gotta love text files. How could you not? I agree with most of Derek’s points about the greatness of text files. I have been slowly, over the years, converting myself to a textfile believer. I have built backends using text files and […]

New blog design

For the past week or so I have been making time to work on a new theme for this blog. We software engineers can’t go for very long without making changes to our websites 😁 Be it the software running the site behind it (yes, I have done this several times) or the theme, the […]

Weeknote 8 (2022)

This week started horribly wrong. On what seemed a perfectly good Saturday I was home, after having a nice pizza recuperating from the morning class at school. As I approached my cat my back broke. Ok, it didn’t break but got a case of lumbago 😵 I haven’t had that for years, as far as […]

Privacy and anonymity

I was reading the post from Kash Be anonymous and it resonated with me. Anonymity is a tricky thing. It’s helpful to think of it as a spectrum instead of a black and white “status.” I liked this bit in particular and how Kash explains that the average Joe simply doesn’t care. Almost all my […]