Weeknote 40 (2021)

Yeah, not really a weeknote if I skip like 7 weeks between posts. Shame all over. I have excuses (you tell me if they’re valid or not). First, right after the last post, I went back to work. Back to my eight to five job after 4 weeks of vacation. Not easy. Can’t complain but […]

Weeknote 33 (2021)

Ricard’s log, August 20th, 2021 Star Trek Lower Decks is back and they always do this thing “captain’s log”. Sounded funny. It’s not when I do it. Couple of things I’ve been up to: 🎸 Recording the album You know how AC/DC or The Rolling Stones all fly to fancy studios in California or Canada […]

Blocking ads and trackers

Back in March, I purchased a Raspberry Pi (a hand sized computer). I mostly use it for blocking ads, tracking, and malicious scripts and domains for the sites I visit. If you’re into it, check out Pi-Hole. I’m spending a few days at my parents so I thought I’d also pack the Raspberry Pi, it […]

Review: A Higher Loyalty

I just finished reading “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership” by James Comey. If you’re from the USA or have closely followed back when Trump got first elected as the President of the USA you might’ve heard the name. During that time James Comey was the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). […]

Disgusting meat bags

The only thing that would make you exempt from not being conscious of other people is if you would leave in the freaking mountains in the middle of nowhere, alone. If you live in a town, or city you should feel morally obligated to not be a pain in the ass to others. Unfortunately in […]

Snowden’s blog

Back in 2015 I watched Citizenfour, then in 2019 I read Permanent Record from Edward Snowden. If you read my reviews you know how I feel about the man and what he did 💯 Today I’m reading his newly launched newsletter. Snowden has been active on Twitter for a long time but you know how […]