How do you write down ideas or thoughts?

Notepad and a fountain pen on a table

I was wondering if you had a preferred method for taking notes or writing stuff down for later.

I’m not talking much about blogging (which I hope you do or will do in the future) but rather just ideas that can develop later. If you’re a blogger, sure… do you store ideas to then write blog posts?

If you don’t blog, which is fine, do you ever write down thoughts? Things for you to do? Things you want to check out later?

Paper or digital

I ask because I’m always in constant search of the perfect solution, I have changed between paper and digital many times. My latest try has been to create a small private application where with 0 friction, and minimal effort, I can write something and click save. These ideas are listed to easily on the same page, so I can access them later.

Do you use a mobile app? Do you use pen and paper? Do you use something (website, application…) on your computer?



  1. Helena says:

    I think I should bring back the paper notebooks. They transport me to the romantic idea of ​​writing a book

    1. Yes! I did use fountain pain and paper for work for a long time.

      Then I noticed it took to much space on my desk 🫤 Maybe if I had a bigger desk?

      When I write by hand it feels I remember the stuff way more easily than typing on a keyboard. Plus, I love fountain pens 🤩

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