My first noise-cancelling earbuds

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I’m very late to the party. I’ve never needed noise-cancelling headphones as I mostly work (or used to work) in a quiet office and now remotely at home. There was no need to justify the extra cost 💰

At some in the last year or two, I got myself Bluetooth earbuds, from an unknown brand for around 30€ which worked fine. I know, generally speaking, Bluetooth sound quality is bad. Before you murder me, in my defense, when I need to play guitar or listen to music properly I do use my good AKG headphones 🎧

Fast forward to this year’s Black Friday and the Google Pixel Buds Pro were discounted by like -60€ so I made the jump (169€). It was triggered by my recent trip to Boston and New York City, where my friend had the Apple noise-canceling analogous and had me try them on during the flight. Oh wow 🤯

It’s hard to put into words how magical these are 🪄 Most of the airplane noise (if you’ve been on one, you know what I’m talking about) was gone. You really to try them to experience it. So I wanted to experience that as well 😁 Since traveling is something I’m not stopping any time soon I decided to pull the trigger.
I tried them in my short trip to Munich and even if they don’t block all the airplane noise it’s quite substantial to justify the purchase. When you turn it on and off during flight you can really tell how loud airplanes are 🤯

Do you use cable or Bluetooth headphones/earbuds?

Do you have or have tried noise cancelling devices?

EDIT: Added with my experience flying with them



  1. Helena says:

    Això ho hauré de provar 😁

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