Back from Japan

Almost a month ago I posted “Back to Japan” and left you hanging. Sorry about that. Truth is I was updating my travel blog and posting Instagram stories, with the occasional updates on Mastodon updates. So, how was it? Amazing, awesome, fascinating, incredible just marvelous. It was everything I was expecting it to be. Mind […]

Back to Japan, after 9 years

The last time I visited the land of the rising sun was back in 2014. After nine years I’m going back, for a third time. I’m beyond excited! It’s not my first major trip after the pandemic, I went to South Korea for three weeks last October 2022 but you know… it’s Japan 🀩 I […]

The Fediverse is just amazing

Or rather… the people on the Fediverse is just amazing πŸ˜‰ A few years ago I created an account on, I eventually learned what the decentralization is about and migrated to the smaller (yet still big enough) instance mastodon.technologyA month ago I created my own Mastodon instance at (more on how and why […]


So a few weeks ago I made it to 35 years young πŸŽ‚ πŸ₯³ It was a different birthday, as it happened while I was traveling in South Korea. For me, that was a novelty. For the past decade I think I’ve always celebrated it in Barcelona, with friends and family. Ok, not that I […]


It might not be a big deal to you. Maybe you have been regularly flying for the past two years. Not my case. Last week I took the first flight since 2022, since hell broke loose πŸ₯² For me, that’s a big deal. It’s not like I wasn’t able to do that before but the […]

New blog design

For the past week or so I have been making time to work on a new theme for this blog. We software engineers can’t go for very long without making changes to our websites 😁 Be it the software running the site behind it (yes, I have done this several times) or the theme, the […]


I don’t like how the proper way of phrasing age in English looks like: “I’m 33 years old“. In Spanish, if we were to literally translate it to English it would look like “I’m 33 years“. Why couldn’t we adopt a new way of saying it? How does “I’m 33 years young” sound like? I’d […]

Isolation, day 49

πŸ”“ Unlocking the lockdown When the government gave the green light last Sunday to have a parent (1 not 2) have a 60 minutes walk with up to 3 children the streets of Barcelona were flooded with families breaking the guidelines. Entire families, not wearing masks and people sitting on the sun under the minimum […]

Isolation, day 42

🏠 πŸ”’ Most of us are very well prepared for this. Prepared to to live through this unprecedented lockdown most of us had never experienced before. This tweet made me saw it from a different perspective, no doubt. First, because the USA will never cease to amaze me, and second because there has been and […]