3 Million views on Google Maps

Screenshot of the Toot


Not so long I go I received this email:

You’ve just accomplished what very few people have done: reached 3,000,000 photo views. Congratulations on the amazing accomplishment

I did Toot it as I thought it was really quite an achievement. I’ve always been uploading restaurant photos to Google Maps for quite some time. Not for the view count but to help others and especially myself, if I never had to look back at it.

It has been useful to me. Whenever someone asks me how was the burger I ate the other day I can go to the restaurant in Google Maps and check the photos (as well as my review). Again, not so much for others but for me to know if I should come back.

Then I got another email, this time saying a single photo had reached 500,000 views (half a million).

If you Google the bar’s name you’ll see my photo as the featured thumbnail. So I guess it’s not unexpected that this photo will have a high view count.

Free content for Google

Are we being not so smart by giving Google free content?

The truth is, it didn’t take me much. It’s not like I had to invest my time for them. I already had taken the photo for my personal library, I just had to do two or three clicks to upload that image to Google Maps when it asked me for it (sometimes that reminder can be a little annoying. It can be turned off, though).

I am fine with giving them my photos in exchange for the free service they provide me. Personally, I find Google Maps one of the most useful Google apps. It has saved me trouble and time countless times.

What about you? Do you share any reviews or photos with Google Maps?

Are you a hardcore Google Maps user?

Google search result showing one of my photos as main thumbnail for that venue


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