Already 30, but who’s counting?


Three decades. Three freaking decades already. 30 are the new 20? Bullshit, thirty years on earth are a lot of years in any way you look at it. Many experiences accumulated, good and bad. But I guess this could be said of any birthday, right? The only difference here, I’m changing the first digit.

I’m not a very party person so a nice dinner (with cheesecake for dessert!) with the loved ones is already a great present.

Not many gifts as I don’t wait for my birthday to buy things, I buy them as I need them. It has been like this for the past years. Opposite than when you’re a kid, all you do is wait for birthday or Christmas. Thanks to Amazon Prime is Christmas all year long baby.

As usual, older people will look at 30 with nostalgia and the youngsters will look at it with a sense of distance and perhaps panic. In the end, I think the only thing that matters is how you feel.

Yeah, thirty, whatever. I feel young, I’m healthy and I have a good job. Life’s good.


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