I don’t like how the proper way of phrasing age in English looks like: “I’m 33 years old“.

In Spanish, if we were to literally translate it to English it would look like “I’m 33 years“.

Why couldn’t we adopt a new way of saying it? How does “I’m 33 years young” sound like? I’d say it sounds fantastic.

I have been thirty-three years on this planet. For some, my fifteen-year young students, I’m an old fart. For my master, an almost 80 years young wise man, he would say I’m just getting started.

This year was supposed to be awesome. I bought a home, I was supposed to travel to South Korea again, we were supposed to visit The Netherlands with my students and I’m in great health/shape. More fit than most of my pupils.

But we know the universe had other plans for 2020. Still, I’m grateful. Grateful that I didn’t lose my job. Grateful that my family is in good health and that even if 2020 is throwing sticks on our path we are moving forward.

Here’s to the next thirty-three years 🍻



  1. Helena says:

    It sounds great, 33 years young πŸ₯‚πŸΎπŸŽ‰ congratulations

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