So a few weeks ago I made it to 35 years young 🎂 🥳

It was a different birthday, as it happened while I was traveling in South Korea. For me, that was a novelty. For the past decade I think I’ve always celebrated it in Barcelona, with friends and family. Ok, not that I was alone in South Korea, I spent the day with my Korean friends in a remote town in the country side. Something very atypical even for a Korean, you know being most of them in the Seoul area.

The not so fun part was being 37 instead of 35 in Korea 😂 (listen about the Korean age system here).

⏳ Looking back

This past year was good.

  • 🏠 I got myself an apartment (yes, I have a mortgage now).
  • 😼 I got a mean cat.
  • 🎙 It’s been a year with our Korean Tapas podcast.
  • ✈️ I’ve been able to resume traveling (went to Switzerland 🇨🇭).
  • 🎖 I even got promoted to Principal Frontend Software Engineer at work.

I can’t complain. Here’s to the next awesome year 🍺



  1. Helena says:

    Congratulacions Ricard

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