Oh boy, I’m getting old again! There’s no escaping, I’m 36 years old.

It’s always funny how everything age-related is so relative. I was meeting older martial arts masters this past weekend, people in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, or even my master at +80, and of course they said I was so young.

I joke around a lot but I don’t feel old. When I was 20 I did see those with 36 like old farts but compared to other people I know, friends, students… (some of which are even younger) I’m in very good shape 💪

This year has been truly great, I started “my birthday year” last October (2022) while I was still in South Korea, a trip I remember very fondly. During 2023 I got to travel to more places in Europe and Spain. Although the highlight has to be, no doubt, visiting Japan for more than 3 weeks. It was stunning, it’s so hard to put into words, not that I had forgotten how amazing that country is but this recent trip came after 9 years since my last visit and it felt known but new at the same time.

The trip to Japan ignited my love for consuming manga, the Japanese comics, so I have started collecting some of my top series (mostly in Catalan) 💰
It’s so nice to unplug from the electronic devices and just go back to reading in paper form 📚

Everything else is great, I can’t really complain. If this year can be as good as the one I’m leaving behind, everything will be all right ☺️



  1. Helena says:

    Congratulations 🥂🍾

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