70MB/s is no joke

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Talking about fiber speed… we’ve never had it at home. We used to have ADSL at a 3MB/s real maximum download speed. It’s not slow, it’s quite decent. Or so I thought…

Since I work in IT I have been used to have a better connection at work. The joy of working at 10MB/s download, what a bliss 😌

Recently in Spain, the ISP’s have been competing with each other hard. You know how it is, if you’re a new customer you’ll always get the best discount. For the old loyal customer? Well, you can shove it. Unless… 😏

When the contract is about to expire you should contact different companies so you can get the best deal. Once you’ve made the deal and the new company starts the switch procedure, the old company will contact you. Sometimes they won’t be able to match the offer but usually, they do.

This is exactly what happened.

We wanted to switch to somewhere else to finally get fiber. They told us they didn’t have coverage in our building. Turns out they did have coverage. They offered a great counter offer and we obviously stayed with them. It’s a dirty game but that’s how it is and you have to play it.

2333% speed increase 🚀

We’ve made the switch from downloading at 3MB/s to 70MB/s. This must be how an F1 pilot feels when they switch from a regular car to their race cars 🏎

Now, I’ve completely lost my notion of file weights. What 4GB used to be a decently fat file, now downloading 40GB feels like nothing.

Wanna hear the funny part? For the first full year, we’re paying less than what we did before. After a year we’ll be like 10€ over the old price.

Insane 🤯


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