Appreciate what you have while you have it

Thank you card on a table next to a fountain pen

At work lately, I have been having a little fun. I can’t help it. I shouldn’t but I’m enjoying this 😁

First some background

I have been working professionally in web development (IT) sector for the past 12 years 👴🏻 (at the time of this writing). I have seen many things. I have met many colleagues. I have dealt with quite some bosses. I have seen shit 💩

I have worked on boring projects, simply offices with bad chairs, old screens, no free coffee, horrible project managers… I have learned to appreciate when things are good 😌

🏢 Companies

My current company, from my personal experience, is the one where I’ve had better compensation (which is not strange since your last company is always the one you bring more experience in), better benefits, better equipment, better offices… So, obviously, I appreciate being here.

When I see university graduates joining the company as their first job I can’t help but feel bad for them. The first job is going to have very high standards 💯 There’s a very high chance their next position won’t have the same perks.

It is funny because when they leave all high and mighty to their next job you hear from them after reality has hit them in the face. Some have even come back. Wouldn’t you know, it wasn’t so bad after all 😏

💼 Projects

You don’t have to change companies to appreciate the good times. When people decide to change projects because of low workload or when the project gets into maintenance mode it is the same thing.
I have two colleagues that did exactly that, they left to find fame and fortune in a more interesting or challenging projects as their current had gone live and was now calm. As they changed project they got hit by a big pile of shit. They did not realize in time they weren’t so bad after all. Lack of experience was certainly a factor here.


I have learned, I am thankful and I appreciate the good things while they last 🤗


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