Back from Japan

Almost a month ago I posted “Back to Japan” and left you hanging. Sorry about that. Truth is I was updating my travel blog and posting Instagram stories, with the occasional updates on Mastodon updates.

So, how was it?

Amazing, awesome, fascinating, incredible just marvelous.

It was everything I was expecting it to be. Mind you, it wasn’t my first time. I knew what I was getting into and enjoyed every last bit. A 3-week vacation gave me plenty.

Sure there were meh parts here and there, but what trip doesn’t have those? Like the worst airplane turbulence I’ve ever experienced when landing in Seoul and Tokyo. I was sweating profusely and about to puke all over. I do not want to repeat that.

Overall I enjoyed it a lot, the clean streets, the perfectly timed transportation system, the cultural shock of high skyscrapers next to a shrine… but especially the food. It’s just so good and so cheap. The service industry in general is just outstanding in Japan. They might not speak English but that doesn’t stop them from wanting to help you.

The temperature was excellent, with colder mornings and afternoons, and a warm midday. I stayed very long, 3 weeks, so by the end of it the temperature was a little bit high (in Tokyo).

I could see the cherry blossom across different cities and towns, it was just beautiful. I arrived shy of the full bloom, but that’s ok too. It meant fewer people.
In general busy tourist areas were crowded, what would you expect? But as soon as you move away from them you could enjoy the local life.

Would I go back a 4th time?

Yes. That country is just that incredible. There are still things I could visit, and re-visit again.

Want to enjoy some food pictures? Check out

I’ll be posting more stories (in Spanish but you can always Google Translate!) on my travel blog.

Talk to you soon.



  1. Helena says:

    Wonderful trip

  2. @ricard no worries, looking at your pictures you got really lucky with cherry blossoms, rain and wind was rough this year. I’m sorry my first response sounded rude. I enjoyed your photos and wish I could vacation like that.

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