Back to Japan, after 9 years

The last time I visited the land of the rising sun was back in 2014. After nine years I’m going back, for a third time.

I’m beyond excited! It’s not my first major trip after the pandemic, I went to South Korea for three weeks last October 2022 but you know… it’s Japan 🤩

I love South Korea but after my fifth trip, it was hard to find new stuff to visit and explore. I know it sounds like bragging but I’m not, honestly. I’m very fortunate to be able to do this, have a work that enables it and a family that supports me. I know it 💜

Tomorrow I start my trip and it’s going to be different to what I’m used to. I will not take a direct flight to Tokyo (there’s none from Barcelona anyway) but against all common sense I’m taking one of the longest layovers available. Why? Well, the layover in Seoul (South Korea) 😁 Do I need to tell you more? I’ll spend an evening and sleeping Seoul, meet my Korean Tapas podcast friends and continue with a short 2-hour flight to Tokyo the next day. On the way back home will be the same plan, spend half a day in Seoul, sleep there and take the morning flight to Barcelona. It’s the first time doing such a thing, I’ve always taken the shortest possible trip to my destination doing the quickest layover available. Not this time!

Japan will have a special place in my heart, back in 2009 that first trip was the farthest vacation I’ve ever taken. The most interesting? Probably too. It was fourteen years ago and I was very young (21?).
It awakened in me a deeper love and fascination for Asian culture that triggered a series of travels to the continent in the years after 🌏

🤔 It’s hard to explain why Japan is so special as a tourist, as someone coming from Europe. In my travel blog, I’ll try to document these things and bring you along for this 20 days of adventure.

I can’t wait to get lost with my camera in the Japanese streets, devour the food and soak my butt in their thermal baths ♨️

Where to tag along?

Talk to you soon 👋 🇯🇵



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