How much is a bad review worth?

You already know I had an incident with my recently bought headphones. What you don’t know if what happened after I left a negative review about them.

I did as I usually do, I leave Amazon reviews on most of the products I buy. Good or bad. Other people’s reviews help me decide what on my purchases so I have a moral obligation to return the favor.

For this particular incident I was, unlike other reviewers, polite and simply stated the facts.

After two months they stopped working and I made use of the warranty. Amazon very apologetic reimbursed me and that was it.

A week after the reimbursement I got an email from the seller apologizing for all the inconveniences. They were happy to send me new pair of headphones on top of the reimbursement Amazon did. All in exchange for editing the review stating the good post-sell service they were giving me.

I complied. In the end I just had to update the facts:

The seller sent me a new pair of headphones as compensation.

They did not only send me new headphones but a superior (twice the price) from what I initially bought. From 8€ to 17€ for a wireless bluetooth headset.

This made me think: how much is a bad review actually worth?

Sure it’s more than the cost of the superior headphones plus the shipping. When you think about it, even if the product has a hundred positive reviews and five negatives, the negatives stand out more. It must be how our brains are wired. At least on most of us.

Conclusion, take it from this experience. Always leave Amazon reviews being as objective as possible and good things will happen.


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