We should be nice to our AI’s

Woman on the bus on the phone

It seems AI (Artificial Intelligence) is here to stay, week after week you can read news about more advances, discoveries and uses they find around it.

First of all…

Do you use any AI conscientiously?

I say conscientiously because you’re taking advantage without knowing it. If you any of the Google products (Gmail, Photos…) these things are crazy with AI.

I was referring more, however, to Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri. The AI personal assistants that can do things for you. Things like: set up reminders, do searches, buy things or even tell you jokes.

You could do:

Hey assistant, where is the nearest pizza place, please?

Hey, where is the nearest pizza place?

The first is more polite than the second. Imagine what will happen if you start making fun of your assistant or bossing it around in a bad way. Right now, nothing will happen. Now let’s fast forward 10 years, where will AI be? If they’re truly AI they will remember how well we have treated them.

You will want to be friends with the robots that will control your house, communications and basically all your digital life.


Be polite to your assistant, you never know when they’ll take over.


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