Buying shoes, twice

I’m in my mid-thirties and I’m seeing the signs… I might (not confirmed) be getting old.

For the first thirty years of my life whenever a pair of shoes had completed their purpose I would just buy new ones, a different one.

I’ve never put much thought into it. Usually, brands change the version of shoes and I’ve never had feet aching or similar. So if they are within the desired price range… all good.

Now… It’s the second time I’m buying the same pair of shoes. I did it last year with ones I found were really fresh for summer, I was afraid they would decommission or deprecate them. So I bought a second pair maybe after a year. The good thing is they upgraded the design slightly, making them better.

I’m getting old because not all shoes work for me anymore. Some of them after a while might hurt my feet (maybe being too flat, can’t be too modern! 😂). I need to be more careful when I buy shoes nowadays.

Fast forward to last week when I bought a new pair of shoes, the same model I bought a few months back (different color, though). I noticed after a few weeks of using the first pair that they were super comfortable. Now the same model was on sale (50% off!) so I pulled the trigger.

So yeah… my feet might hurt, I need comfortable shoes, maybe the same shoes over and over. I’m getting old.



  1. Helena says:

    Yes, I can confim that. You are getting old 😅.
    No, just kidding. There are people who always buy the same ones.

    1. I am starting to see the appeal. As long the colors changes a bit, why not?! It’s a safe buy.

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