Chimek: fried chicken and beer

Korean Fried Chicken on a plate

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In South Korea, there is this thing called chimek (치맥), which you might’ve already heard about.

This word is formed from two others:

  • 🍗 Chikin (치맥): that is basically fried chicken. You see it sounds like in English “chicken”.
  • 🍺 Mekju (맥주): beer.

So, eating fried chicken and beer is also called eating chimek.

It is wonderful 😌 Maybe you know the famous North American acronym for KFC. For me, KFC means Korean Fried Chicken 🤤

It is delicious and there are several styles of preparation. It is not the cheapest meals you can find in South Korea but it is very popular (and with good reason).

Town vs City

This is one of the reasons why I like to live in a city like Barcelona. Yes, I do not have a house with a front yard but it allows me to improvise a chimek dinner by just walking 15 minutes from home.

By recommendation, and without knowing it, I found out that there was a Korean restaurant close to home where they made a good chimek. I am ashamed to say that I did not know it, I am the one who usually recommends Korean restaurants to my friends.

Said and done, without having to book a table or wait, I took the bike and got closer in less than ten minutes.

It tasted great, 10€ (without drink) the spicy/sweet fried chicken dish. Will I repeat? Of course! 🤩

Are you more from small town fan or big city lover?


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