Choosing an attitude

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Some jobs are more amusing, entertaining or inspiring than others. No doubt about it.

Can you enjoy a job that does not seem enjoyable?

I got very inspired after reading Fish!: A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results.

I believe that even if we can’t change our job, we can change the attitude we bring to the job every day.

How can it be a choice when there are external factors? Colleagues, bosses, etc Certainly you can not control that. What you can control though, is your attitude or how you react and approach the situations you’re presented with.

We can choose the attitude we bring to work.

I have caught myself transmitting boredom with my body language or my way of talking when meeting with colleagues. It was not professional or at least not the best attitude the other person in the conversation deserved. As soon as I realized how I was communicating my interest, I switched my flip.


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