Cutting down on doom-scrolling

An iPhone on a desk displaying the home screen

I started this 2024 with the idea to reduce my Instagram screen time. I have even considered uninstalling it from my phone and using only the web interface. I would but I’m not just a consumer of content, I often share stories about new blog posts (from my travel blog) so I still want to be able to share those easily (from the mobile app is easier).

I, like many, others would go to bed and scroll through Instagram reels. This, I’m afraid, is not healthy.

First, because I gain nothing from this, I could spend an hour or two in the blink of an eye and have consumed fake content, videos that ridicule other people, dream videos of tourist places that look idyllic but they’re not, and the occasional cat video. I’d rather spend less time on my phone, and if any on my Mastodon feed (which is not only smaller and limited) but the content is a hundred times better and not algorithmically served to me,

Second, doing this right before bed I’ve noticed creates poorer sleep. So now I’m forcing myself to put my phone into flight mode about an hour before going to sleep. No messages, no social media, just some TV and start to unwind getting ready for bed.

Have you fallen victim of doom-scrolling?



  1. Helena says:

    I’ m afraid, my response is yes

    1. Never too late to reduce screen time 😉

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