Discovering the safety razor

Man shaving

For more than 2 weeks I have been enjoying a baby face feeling after shaving, but let’s back up a little first.

My first encounter with razor blades was in highschool, they gave away free packages from Gillette. Nice marketing giving away razors so kids get started with their brand. I’ve been using Gillette branded razors for almost 15 years. Until now.

On the world we live in where the old style way of doing things get lost I’ve discovered the safety razor. You won’t see this in commercials or movies, unless they’re from some time ago. I’m told my grandfather used to use them. Then he changed to the new multi blade razors and was actually happier with the result.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a picture:

How it works?

You need to buy the handle. Different sizes, different loading systems… Mine is the one in the picture above and it was 27€.
Then you separately buy the razor blades, usually sold in packages of a 100 (yes, a hundred).

The safety razors are:

  • Cheaper.
  • Leave better result.
  • Better environmental footprint.

To give you an idea on how cheap this is, each blade is about 10 cents of euro and it has lasted me for a good 3 weeks. Shaving 3 times a week.
I gotta say I don’t have the most thick of the beards and it doesn’t grow as fast as other people. I also have some empty spots, so my blade use is probably lower. Still, perhaps you won’t shave 9 times with it, but 7?

Now you do the math. For a package of 100 blades at 10€ for the whole thing, how many years will it take me to go through them?

I honestly haven’t found any issues yet. It makes me wonder why my grandpa was happier then with the new technology. I can only assume it depends on each face. For me, it works like a charm.

Where have you been all my life?


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