Shows a plane on the termac

It might not be a big deal to you. Maybe you have been regularly flying for the past two years. Not my case.

Last week I took the first flight since 2022, since hell broke loose 🥲 For me, that’s a big deal. It’s not like I wasn’t able to do that before but the opportunity didn’t present itself. No big trips, no events. Until now ✈️

👨‍✈️ I flew to the northwest part of Spain, to visit my Korean master 🥋 I was taking some of my students for their black belt promotion test
It felt normal again. Sure, we had to wear a mask inside the plane but the rest was as I remembered. Including a flight delay of 2 hours 😓 Yeah, on the first time back to an airport and I had to board the same plane twice. Not fun but I can’t complain, we got there eventually 😌

Where to next? Unknown 🤷‍♂️ I’d like to have a long-ass trip in autumn 🍂 I think I’ve already told you, to Japan or South Korea. For three weeks, to enjoy street photography, and food on cooler weather.

For now, time to enjoy the 🥵🔥 hot weather.


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