Isolation, day 21

Seoul empty train car

Not sure if I’m passed the point where the isolation has challenged me. I have found my routines and even though it sucks I think we’ll push through.

👨🏻‍💻 Working

I’m lucky enough to still be working, remotely. I’m grateful for that and it takes me eight hours a day, so that’s already a big chunk that makes me busy.

🥋 Classes

I am teaching my classes, online. Not the same but at least we see each other, we work out a little bit and discuss technical details.
The funny thing is I would’ve assumed most of the students would join me. What else is on their calendars if they can’t go out? You’d be surprised that only a small % of the students have actually joined the calls. My conscience is clear, though.

📷 Photos

I was watching photographer Sean Tucker talk about these hard times and shed some shame on me for not processing the photos I have in my backlog. From my Scotland and South Korea trips last year. I have been spending time doing other things but I’ll make the effort to open Adobe Lightroom and start processing away. Plus, writing some blog posts for my travel blog.

🍞 Homemade bread

My parents spent a well full day to prepare homemade bread, which turned out to be pretty good! I think we’re not alone. A lot of people have turned to cooking or baking to kill time during these times of lockdown.

🤗 Stay strong

That’s it for today. I hope you stay strong, stay busy and have time to videocall your loved ones.

Talk to you soon.

Here’s a view of the quite street outside my balcony in Barcelona. Only delivery vans move around.


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