Isolation, day 49

Kid with open mouth holding a book

🔓 Unlocking the lockdown

When the government gave the green light last Sunday to have a parent (1 not 2) have a 60 minutes walk with up to 3 children the streets of Barcelona were flooded with families breaking the guidelines.

Entire families, not wearing masks and people sitting on the sun under the minimum safety distance of each other 😑

Total mayhem. Most of the families in a country that seems to take joy and pride on disobedience even after seeing how much it can hurt us all. Will we have exponential growth of new cases in 14 days once everyone awakes the COVID-19 they just got exposed to while being a smartass? The news even broke to German TV programs, a colleague tells me 🤦‍♂️

I’m all for a gradual and controlled process to try and return to our regular lives. On the other hand this was a free for all and you don’t have to be a pessimist to assume it will have consequences.

Next step?

One hour a day for sport. Which I will probably take advantage of, with precautions. First, going alone. Second, wearing a freaking mask 😷 Even if it’s just walking for an hour, you don’t have to go jogging.

Time will tell but the story seem to repeat itself, the lack of social conscientiousness is astonishing.

🎓 Too cool for school

They announced on Tuesday the schools will not open until September, most of the kids must be happy knowing summer break has started 2 months early this year 🎉

🥋 What about gym / training?

Nowhere in all the media outlets, they mention when we will be able to exercise again, not individually but in groups (martial arts, gyms, team sports…). No one has information and we don’t know when we’ll be able to open our doors again. I would imagine, in phase X when you can go to the restaurant or theaters (with distancing) why not practice with distancing? Quite disappointed with the vague rules published by Spain’s central government. I should not be surprised at this point.

🎧 Pick of the week

Here’s something for you other than viruses, masks and lockdowns.

A podcast called: Land of the Giants, specifically the currently published episodes (to this day) part of The Rise of Amazon series.

It has triggered so many thoughts regarding Amazon. Can you blame Amazon for being so powerful? Is it our fault? To be drawn by the Amazon Prime features, fast deliveries, excellent return policies…

I think it is our fault small local stores close due to the lack of buyers because we prefer to buy online and to get the products crazy fast in our doorstep. Small shops can’t compete on the same grounds. They need to figure out what value they can provide that Amazon can’t. Not easy, I’m not saying I have the answer. Maybe it’s customer service? Not sure. What I’m quite sure of is that they can’t compete offering similar services, you can’t possibly win.


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