I’ve started a podcast!

boy singing on microphone with pop filter

I wrote back in 2016 I was thinking about it. Well, it finally happened. Don’t expect too much, though. It is not it was three years cooking it. It was more like realizing I had a clip on microphone in a drawer and giving it a go.

The podcast is just another form of blogging. From the 7 episodes I’ve recorded I feel my English and pronunciation is already improving (it was one of the main motivations, as I use English on my daily work and I’ve had moments where colleagues have asked me to repeat myself).

My podcast, like this blog, is not for mass audiences but I couldn’t think of something else to share. I code for living but there are dozens of top notch coding podcasts with groups of engineers chatting which are far more interesting than me.

So yeah, a personal podcast which audience is probably my mother and myself. I feel accomplished when I release a new episode and sounds fairly decent.

Have a listen and subscribe if you like what you hear:



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