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Lately at work, I’ve been attending several training on leadership. I’m not talking about a 1-hour speech but rather multiple days interactive training on topics surrounding leadership, feedback, mentoring, communication…

It’s quite fascinating, actually. What’s more fascinating is that what seems to be news for some it’s not for me. I’ve been leading a team of 10 engineers for months now and I’ve been applying some leadership techniques and styles without realizing.

Take for instance delegating or how others like to call it empowering. Something I take for granted, this is something I just do, something I’ve already learned a while ago… well, some leaders just don’t do it. Maybe they don’t trust the team or they want it to have it their way 100%.

I’ve talked to more seasoned leaders at my company and they were surprised by the methods I’ve been using to help the team grow.
I can probably do a better job, hence taking these training. I felt great knowing I’ve walked a decent path so far.

Leadership is not so easy to define. Try it. There are many things that define a good leader. There’s not a single formula for all, each situation and the person you interact with is different. So, leadership can have many faces.

Do you think leaders are only the ones that have a team? Or is the leader only the one that has followers?

Would you say all bosses or managers are leaders?

Could a mother be a leader outside work? Could she apply a leadership style and techniques to her family?

I think we need to break away from the old-fashioned leader position. Think of it as a role which is so much more than the classic and stereotypical image. 

What type of leader are you?


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