Leaving a lasting legacy

Passion led us here

I’m reading this book, which name shall not be shared yet (I want to finish it before giving you my opinion). There’s this chapter that triggered a train of thought.

Try to create excellence in everything you do

At school, at work, in your hobbies… Perfection, in my opinion, does not exist but we can try to excel at what we do, be the best version of us we can be.

Nobody will give you anything for free in this life. You’ll have to work hard, you probably already do. Remember to not do half-assed jobs, put in the effort.

As you know I’ve been practicing martial arts for many years. Each day I put on the training uniform (dobok) I have to tie two knots so the uniform stays closed. One of the knots is located on the inside of the uniform. Not visible to anyone. The other is front and center. In the middle of the chest. But it doesn’t matter. I put the effort and dedication to make the knots look good every single time. I teach my students to take care of the small details, to excel at making that knot even if they’ll untie them after the training, one hour later.

My hope is that by tying both knots with dedication and excellence they’ll apply the same energy to other aspects of their lives.

A leader’s legacy

It might not apply to you, certainly not everybody. For me, as a leader at work and in my classes I want to leave a lasting impression on my colleagues and students.

I want to be the best version of myself. I want to to help the people around me grow and become the best they can be. That is, in my opinion, what leaders do. That is what creates a lasting legacy.

What you ever met someone who left you a lasting impression?

Who will you remember for the rest of your life?



  1. Helena says:

    I agree. Give your best and be proud of what you are doing is a direct path to happiness.

    1. Ricard Torres says:

      Totally! That too. Happiness is a whole other topic we should also talk about 😎

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