Pokemon on a Game Boy

Someone holding a phone with Pokemon Go open

🎮 📱

Back when I was like… 14 or 13 most of us at school had a Game Boy Color.

One of the most popular games, if not the only we played, was Pokemon. The old versions: blue, red, yellow…

The other day I wanted to relive some nostalgia so I installed a Game Boy emulator on my Android phone.

These emulators can rune games like Pokemon from back then (digitally, of course). I gotta say, it has been fun. I’ve played for a couple of days and it brings back memories. The feels are real 😭

One of the best bits is you can speed things up with these emulators. You can set the game to run at x2, x4 and so on. I play the game at double the speed and it makes it more enjoyable. Plus the layout of the emulator makes it look as if you have a Game Boy in your hands.

Another fun thing is all the information available out there. These are classic games and all tips and tricks have been already published. So whenever I have doubts on how to proceed I check the guide 🤓

As I enjoy the game again it is very clear to me how this took over the world. These games are very well done.

Have you ever played any version of Pokemon?



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