Rushing to the Hospital


Hospitals, don’t we all hate them? It’s a place where usually bad things happens. I guess if you’re an optimist you’ll think is where great things happen. Birth, cures, medicine… heck, science!

Nowadays I don’t quite see it that way. My parent are just heading to the hospital right now, my father isn’t feeling well.

I’m sure you’ve been there, it sucks. You can do nothing but wait and see.


A notification pops up on my Mac, is the WhatsApp Web interface alerting me that someone wants me to know something.

My mother says:

We have to stay the night

I remember I still have minutes left on my call bonus so I just call her. She explains the situation and somehow I don’t feel relieved. How could I? Sleeping in a hospital it’s gotta be something negative. A deeper thought tells me that by staying he’ll be watched closely. It reassures me.

More news should come in the morning. I won’t put my phone on flight mode tonight.


My phone beeps, I got a new notification. Mom lets me know the doctor things it’s not as worse as we thought, a few more tests and luckily they’ll have lunch at home.

I’m relieved. I think I’ll be able to enjoy my weekend without thinking too much about it.

And on we go, to live another day.


Another notification, the doctors want him to spend the whole weekend. They’ll resume tests on Monday after monitoring.

Well, that sucks. Two more days of waiting to see what exactly is going on. Two more days of being imprisoned in a hospital cell.

Hopefully they’ll get out on Monday. Man, this sucks.


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