Streaming my first MLB baseball game

Fenway Park


For the past few months I’ve been more and more interested in baseball. I have watching MLB’s condensed games videos for the Red Sox and also listening to Section 10 and The Read Seat podcasts.

I’m a late baseball fan bloomer and even though I’ve seen Sunday league games (my brother plays here in Barcelona) I had never seen a full MLB game.

This past Saturday night I’ve decided to fix that. I’m not in Boston (I hope one day I can go to Fenway in person), so I settled for streaming the game.

So I did and it was fun. Seeing all the at bats, listening to the home commentators… It was even better tooting it which made it more fun. I could interact with other Red Sox fans and even Astros fans. Although not as much as I thought I would (maybe I chose the wrong hashtags?).

Here some of those toots, which were shared to Twitter with the mandatory hashtags.

I ended up tooting 15 times during the almost three and a half hours the game went on. The Red Sox fell to the Astros but all and all, a fun night.


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