Work colleagues become a second family

A man and a woman sitting with laptops around a desk


I already told you how I felt when my old team leader left the company. I was recently told another colleague, from my team, is leaving as well.

On one side I felt happy for him since it’s a good opportunity to grow his career and to learn other things. Plus, he’ll make more money.

Yet, I’m sad to see him leave πŸ˜” We have been sitting next to each other for almost two years every day, 8 hours a day. Inevitably you get close to that person.

We work so much during our lifetimes, we need to make good connections at work or we’ll have a hard time. Some people prefer to have a different face or attitude at work, to totally separate personal from professional. That’s fine, you don’t have to be totally open or intimate with your colleagues. For me it would be hard and exhausting, to fake an attitude or to constantly maintain a distance with those close. I tend to open up, eventually, to colleagues I work with on a daily basis. Since we’re stuck there, why not enjoy the fellowship?

That’s why I think these people eventually become your second, or third family.


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