River in a mountain landscape

Barcelona’s absurd water pricing

I’m calling BS on the whole pricing system for the water supply in the city of Barcelona 😀 I don’t even know how to begin my rant, I’m moving from anger 😑, to frustration 😭, to disappointment 😞. I have …

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A sign on a wooden door that says We Have Aircon

Enforced IoT

First of all, let me say I ❀️ technology. I make my living off it πŸ’° However, I don’t like when we’re not given a choice 😑 You see, my newly installed Samsung πŸ‡°πŸ‡· air conditioner can not be programmed …

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A laptop and a coffee mug on a wooden table

Is blogging dead?

I was reading this blog post the other day: Blogging is dead. Long live ephemerality. A crude slap to the face with reality to those of us who still love blogging. I honestly think blogging is not dead, not yet. …

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Office space with desks and people working on laptops

Work from home: good or bad?

I was reading Om Malik’s Real reasons why tech giants are hugging β€œRemote Work”, it has some fantastic points. Those fancy offices, catered lunches, and all the other luxuries that allow people to pretend that they are still in college …

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Horrible human beings

πŸ“Ί πŸ™€ I’ve recently watched an original documentary by Netflix called: Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer It’s a quite well-done documentary about the horrendous story that unfolded around 2010 when a deranged person posted videos online killing …

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