Twitter Notes, but why?

Twitter just anounced a new longer format tweets notes are coming. No longer you will be bound at 280 characters. Look at the screenshot I’ve attached. The user interface is so clean, so minimalistic, your eyes immediately focus on what really matters, no clutter, no multiple calls to action…. Just UX perfection. 🤦‍♂️ If you’re […]

Social media makes no sense

You can spend hours researching, coding, testing, then writing a blog post to share with the world. Or you can simply send a tweet 🐦 Recently I shared a small piece of code on Twitter and it got lots of love. I don’t think I’ve ever had such engagement. At the moment of this writing […]

Text files, you gotta love them

I was reading Write plain text files from Derek Sivers and yes, you gotta love text files. How could you not? I agree with most of Derek’s points about the greatness of text files. I have been slowly, over the years, converting myself to a textfile believer. I have built backends using text files and […]

Privacy and anonymity

I was reading the post from Kash Be anonymous and it resonated with me. Anonymity is a tricky thing. It’s helpful to think of it as a spectrum instead of a black and white “status.” I liked this bit in particular and how Kash explains that the average Joe simply doesn’t care. Almost all my […]

Blocking ads and trackers

Back in March, I purchased a Raspberry Pi (a hand sized computer). I mostly use it for blocking ads, tracking, and malicious scripts and domains for the sites I visit. If you’re into it, check out Pi-Hole. I’m spending a few days at my parents so I thought I’d also pack the Raspberry Pi, it […]

Disgusting meat bags

The only thing that would make you exempt from not being conscious of other people is if you would leave in the freaking mountains in the middle of nowhere, alone. If you live in a town, or city you should feel morally obligated to not be a pain in the ass to others. Unfortunately in […]