Weeknote 19 (2023)

🌮🌮🌮 We have been enjoying this little place 10 minutes from home where tacos are cheap, as they should. I’ve been complaining for years that there are no fair-priced Mexican restaurants in Barcelona.In most Mexican restaurants the food is not abundant and it’s quite simple. Like nachos, with cheese, some meat, and guacamole. It’s not […]

Fediverse etiquette

It was inevitable, as Thanos said. When Twitter users migrated to the Fediverse the culture was about to change. Thankfully the majority of my interactions are still within that old and nice culture of exchange 😌 I’ve had, however, some disappointments I want to share where I have zero tolerance for. Your time, my time, […]

Reclaiming email ownership

⚠️ This blog post is a little bit technical, sorry in advance! Read quite some stuff this past few weeks about email. Self hosting email is great but it has nothing do to with privacy. If you send emails to your contacts at, let’s say, @gmail accounts then Google has your emails (unless you encrypt […]

The Prime effect

For years I have been enjoying my Amazon Prime subscription. At work, we get vouchers for it so I use Amazon more than I would without them. Amazon is my go-to, I always check that first before checking other stores.  The thing is… I’ve gotten used to the super fast delivery and incredible logistics 💯 […]

Getting conned by airlines

Airlines… where do I begin. I have been lining up my upcoming travels for Setember and October. Boy is it fun to look at ticket pricing 🙄 There are not many things I hate more than being ripped off. One day a ticket from Barcelona to Zurich is 75€, a few days later it’s 160€. […]

Twitter Notes, but why?

Twitter just anounced a new longer format tweets notes are coming. No longer you will be bound at 280 characters. Look at the screenshot I’ve attached. The user interface is so clean, so minimalistic, your eyes immediately focus on what really matters, no clutter, no multiple calls to action…. Just UX perfection. 🤦‍♂️ If you’re […]

Social media makes no sense

You can spend hours researching, coding, testing, then writing a blog post to share with the world. Or you can simply send a tweet 🐦 Recently I shared a small piece of code on Twitter and it got lots of love. I don’t think I’ve ever had such engagement. At the moment of this writing […]

Text files, you gotta love them

I was reading Write plain text files from Derek Sivers and yes, you gotta love text files. How could you not? I agree with most of Derek’s points about the greatness of text files. I have been slowly, over the years, converting myself to a textfile believer. I have built backends using text files and […]

Privacy and anonymity

I was reading the post from Kash Be anonymous and it resonated with me. Anonymity is a tricky thing. It’s helpful to think of it as a spectrum instead of a black and white “status.” I liked this bit in particular and how Kash explains that the average Joe simply doesn’t care. Almost all my […]