80.000 tweet impressions

Twitter statistics screenshot

📈 😱

A few days ago I got on Twitter and wrote about something I was playing with. I’ve never had many followers on my web development profile, around 170 so I’ve never got many replies or RT’s.

I personally tweet for two reasons. One, to keep a sort of an archive of links. The second reason would be to share things I find interesting or worth our time, for the few that follow me.

My tweets are usually RT’s, I seldom post original content. The most original content would be this blog or posts from Rick’s Code.

Long story short, I tweeted this:

It got retweeted for a few people and then things escalated, quickly.

I’ve never had such an intense notification panel (likes and RT’s) like it happened the morning after. It was crazy. I had to turn off notifications.

Yeah, 630 likes and 115 RT’s is not much if you compare it with the big league players. For me? It was experiencing a Slashdot Effect for the first time.

Here’s the aftermath of that simple tweet.

I’m happy so many people got to see what I tweeted, it’s a nice tool and more people should use it 🙂


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