AC/DC is no longer AC/DC

I was a big AC/DC fan, I caught late to the rock n roll world and I was only able to see them live twice. One of witch I took a plane to get there.

I started to learn how to play guitar back in 2007, their tunes were the first things I tried to mimic. Whoever said power chords are easy lied.

I have played with bands, live on stage, playing covers such as You Shook Me All Night Long and Highway To Hell.

I bought a black Gibson SG, not only because is a beast guitar with an amazing sound but because Angus Young used this model in his lasts tours.

The two times I saw them live is was with, I think, the best second formation: Brian Johnson, Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd.

The point of no return

A couple of months ago shocking news hit the rock community. Malcolm Young, one of the founding members and the magician behind some of the best guitar riffs ever made had to leave the band. The headlines said he has dementia or early stages of it. Whatever he has it was making him forget the songs. After playing the same chord for more than 30 years I can’t imagine not been able to play them anymore.

Very sad news. News that made me think AC/DC would stop performing. How could they not? The AC/DC sound is made by its members, by the musicians.

We all know what honest people say in movies: the show must go on, continue without me. That’s what Malcolm reportedly said. Well, that’s bullshit. Even if it isn’t and you truly think that, how can the band just keep playing without him?

Their solution was to hire his nephew. Hey, I got news for you, even if you share the Young last name it doesn’t mean you can play like AC/DC.

Back in 2010 during the Black Ice tour Brian’s voice was already not performing as it once was. For obvious reasons, the guy was 60 years old (now 68). For the man who brought us Back in Black, that level was not nearly good enough. I guess fans tolerated, everybody loses voice with the years. No complains there.

So they kept playing… but new drama appeared, Phil Rudd was going to leave the band for legal issues in New Zealand. We might not know the full story but in the official AC/DC website they have erased Phil from the band information section. They have Bon Scott, for instance, but not Phil Rudd.

Ok, up to this point 2 of 5 members are out but they still want to keep going. What do they do next? They call their old drummer, see if he can play with them… and he did. Some people love it, some people don’t. I don’t.

Wait! There’s even more. A couple of weeks ago Brian makes a statement, his doctors advice him not to play live in big stadiums anymore or he’ll become deaf. He can still record and play in smaller venues though.

What does the band do?

They kick him out and hire Axel Rose form Guns N Roses. What the … ?

They’re now rehearsing to continue with the Rock or Bust tour. I am speechless. The frontman of AC/DC for more than 35 years has been kicked out!


You could say I’m still a big fan of AC/DC, of the old AC/DC that is. What they accomplished was huge and I think a few bands have been able to go this high.

Take your own conclusions on the decisions they’ve recently made. Is it for money? Is it for the thrill of playing live? If Angus Young needs to keep playing, do a solo career. Do not shit on AC/DC’s legacy just because you want to keep playing. Screw you Angus.

For all those old hits, the old classics, the unique riffs, the charismatic voice, the energetic school boy… I salute you.


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