Christmas is no more thanks to Black Friday and Amazon Premium

Black Friday in Spain

About three years ago a few people had heard about Black Friday, those into American culture knew. I knew about it. In fact, I wanted to happen here. I mean, who doesn’t want special deals near Christmas?

This year in Spain is everywhere. I gotta say though, the deals are not that spectacular.

You can find stores that will increase their prices prior to Black Friday so the discount on this way will be higher. When in fact, it’s not as high. I think you should not get fooled by percentages and look at the real money. Would you spend $$$ in this? Does it feel like a good deal?

Amazon Premium, you got good

Last month I subscribed to Amazon Premium. I did try it in the past, they give you a free month once a year. So I decided to upgrade my account for all at home to benefit.

Amazon (specially with Premium since I have free shipping and in most cases next day delivery) has created a feeling of: I don’t want to wait for anything.

I think it’s something from our age, websites load instantly, news are in real time (Twitter), video streaming, WhatsApp, Facebook… everything happens so fast, we don’t want to wait. We don’t have to.

Because of that we don’t want to wait for Christmas either. I remember making a present list for Christmas, do you? Christmas presents have lost it’s power. Now I buy things the moment I need them.

For instance, I wanted a new pair of closed headphones so I could listen to audiobooks. It was a month away from Christmas but I just didn’t want to wait. Why should I?
Another example, I wanted a new SD Memory Card for my camera, a needed upgraded to speed up photo processing when I’m on the street. I could’ve survived with the old memory card, don’t get me wrong. I just wanted to have it now (a trip to Poland is coming up in two weeks).

What do you get your family for Christmas then?

I just don’t know. The things we might want or need, we can get right now without having to wait. Why don’t just buy it already and start enjoying it?

On top of all Amazon speediness on their deliveries, we have the Black Friday madness. If today is cheaper I’m not going to wait until Christmas to buy it at higher price. Who would?

Is it the same for you? Do you still treasure the Christmas presents?

In the end everything’s good for the consumer. We can shop at lower prices and have it brought to our doorstep within days.


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