Barcelona’s absurd water pricing

River in a mountain landscape

I’m calling BS on the whole pricing system for the water supply in the city of Barcelona 😤

I don’t even know how to begin my rant, I’m moving from anger 😡, to frustration 😭, to disappointment 😞. I have been comparing my parent’s water bill to mine. Get ready.

♻️ I’m conscientious about the environment

✋ I wanted to state this clearly. I don’t like to waste precious resources because I feel like it even if it’s cheap or I can afford it.

🚰 I understand how scarce water is. The world needs more of it, not less by us wasting it. Thus, I’m conscientious when I’m showering, when I flush the toilet, shave or brush my teeth.

⚡️ Same thing with electricity, if I don’t need to turn on a light I won’t. Pretty logical so far. I even had them made me a huge-ass window in my kitchen so I can get natural sunlight from the living room. During the day I just don’t need to turn on any light in the kitchen to do my business.

Well. So it seems that Barcelona’s city hall doesn’t feel like being green is that important to them 😑 Everybody should pay full taxes, even if their water consumption is minimal 🤷‍♂️ How come me spending 2m3 (2.000 liters, which is no small amount when you think about it) costs me around 40€ and a family of four spending about 18.000 liters (+900% 🤯) pays around 65€? I’m sorry but this makes zero sense 👎

🌍 I’ve always believed we should leave this planet better than how we found it. These politicians are not helping 😕

🛀 Knowing these numbers I could be more careless. I don’t need to look after my water consumption too much, knowing it won’t have much impact on the bill. Why should I?

This is a bunch of BS.

PD: No worries, I won’t start wasting water now.



  1. Helena says:

    Politicians are the worst

    1. I share the feeling 😉

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