Blocking ads and trackers

Back in March, I purchased a Raspberry Pi (a hand sized computer). I mostly use it for blocking ads, tracking, and malicious scripts and domains for the sites I visit. If you’re into it, check out Pi-Hole.

I’m spending a few days at my parents so I thought I’d also pack the Raspberry Pi, it is so small! It was practically plug-and-play. Connect it via cable to the router, deactivated the DHCP so all devices on the network go through the Pi-Hole, done ✅

I just love it. Had it running for a day and 16% of the requests are blocked. Feels great ❤️

We could spend hours discussing how the media business dug their own graves by stuffing our faces with ads and tracking. Everywhere, all the time. Users got fed up and then we started caring about privacy. Pushing for tools such as the ad blockers mentioned above. Now they just need to find another business model, I feel zero sorry for them 🖕 They contributed to make the web a horrible place. If you’re around 40 you remember the internet golden age, we need to bring it back 💪

Even if you don’t have such device, at least, please use something other than Chrome. Use Firefox instead (on your Android and well as desktop), make sure you’ve set the privacy option to strict adding uBlock Origin extension.

Happy browsing.



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