Do you have a channel?

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I have Haidong Gumdo students with ages between 13 and 14. I’ve had them for already 2 years, so they started with 11 and 12.

Every time we meet for training I learn something new. This generation is so far away from mine (mind you, I’m 31) I’m amazed by their conversations.

Usually, there are talks about Fortnite, YouTube and anime. At some point, I’ve heard that some do YouTube live streaming, which shocked me. At age of 12? Ok, fine, perhaps that’s what they do now. I’ve never streamed in my life but alright, I’ll buy.

Things got even more shocking when I heard other kids, younger kids (not my students) of certainly younger than10 years old ask each other:

Do you have a channel?

Yes, they were referring to a YouTube channel 🤯 This is getting out of control. I’m baffled. They are way to young to be exposed to these things. They don’t even comprehend the implications of the internet yet.

This made me wonder if schools, parents, and educators around the globe are doing a good job teaching the young generation about these things. How to behave online, what to post or write, red flags with strangers, etc. Certainly not an easy task.

Have you had any experience with this?



  1. Helena says:

    My kids are grown now. How lucky. It’s a difficult task for parents.

    1. Ricard Torres says:

      Yes, indeed.

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