Enjoying a roaming free Europe

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This past weekend I had my first travel after Europe banned roaming.

For a long time, whenever I traveled I always had to turn off internet services on my smartphone before boarding the plane. Then I would desperately look for an open wifi spot or wait until we go to the hotel to get access. Not only it’s more dangerous but unreliable.

Before departing I would download maps, hotel check-in information, boarding passes… everything offline.

Well, no longer. I’ve visited Greece this past weekend and it was a joy to be able to use the same internet connection and speed (4G) I had back in Barcelona.

It saved me, literally. The taxi driver had no idea where my hotel was (about 1 hour away from Athens and 30 minutes away from the airport). So I had to use Google Maps and its magical turn by turn navigation to get there.

During this trip, I could still check social networks to share pictures, write back home and do all the things you do here, there without any extra cost.

Pretty cool. Have you had the chance to do this?



    1. vascorsd says:

      @ricard_dev it was also a joy for me last month when I traveled for the first time since the roaming changes.

      Original Toot

    2. @vascorsd Indeed. Such an improvement. At last EU does something right 🙂

      Original Toot

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