Facebook and it’s Video Compression

🤷‍♂️ I don’t get Facebook

I just don’t. I’m there because of Haidong Gumdo, all the community, masters, schools… are there.

My use of Facebook is exclusively to promote my Haidong Gumdo school and follow other practitioners.

I don’t do it for family or friends. I hate every bit of it. From the low quality photos to the poisoned news feed. Of which I always set to “order by latest”, show me everything gosh darnit.

Facebook is bad, you’re always getting game invitations, awful ads and generally unwanted information. Due to that I’m pretty harsh, I block or unfollow a lot. Every time someone shares a crappy viral video I just block the source. If that person continues, but I want to keep them as friend, I’ll just unfollow. Done.

🚫 The problem with Videos

We live in a time where storage is cheap, very cheap. Google Photos stores photos for free in high quality. Also, unlimited 1080p videos.

Facebook doesn’t get it. It doesn’t understand that video is huge right now. I’m pretty sure that people behind it don’t use Facebook at all. If they did, they’d see my problem.

Upload a video via your Facebook mobile App and they’ll compress the shit out of it. After publishing it go to your desktop and play it. Horrendous.

Why? Why so much compression is needed?

An easy answer would be:

We want to save your bandwidth while playing it.

Well, then show me the standard quality at first and let me choose to play it in HD and suck up my bandwidth. My choice.

We don’t have enough storage to upload uncompressed files.

I don’t believe it. Even if that’s true, fine, compress it but not at this level.

Upload a video using your desktop PC/Mac and you’ll notice that the same video will look so much better. Even if you play it on either mobile or desktop.

This absurd feature forces me to wait until I get home to dump all the videos onto my computed and then upload them to Facebook.
I’m about to go on a trip to South Korea, where I’ll just bring my phone so I guess I’ll have to wait two weeks to share my videos.

It’s total nonsense.

How come the same video file compresses different if upload from Mobile or Desktop?

I’d like to meet some Facebook engineers to get an answer. I just don’t understand.

Do you?


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