Fediverse etiquette

It was inevitable, as Thanos said. When Twitter users migrated to the Fediverse the culture was about to change. Thankfully the majority of my interactions are still within that old and nice culture of exchange 😌 I’ve had, however, some disappointments I want to share where I have zero tolerance for. Your time, my time, is far too valuable to be spent with people that don’t care.

Some things I do without a second thought:

  • ❌ If I reply to your post nicely, or ask a polite question and you don’t even dignify me with a like or reply, I unfollow.
  • ❌ If you post in multiple languages without tagging them as such, I unfollow.
  • ❌ If you don’t use content warnings when you should, I unfollow

I like people boosting posts, helps with discovery. However:

  • 🔇 If you boost in another language and are not tagged as such, I mute that boosted person.
  • 🔇 If you boost something completely unrelated to what you usually post (I followed you for certain content to begin with), I mute that boosted person.

I’m a heavy filter user and curate my feeds a lot:

  • ✋ I have zero tolerance for politics, the drowning of Twitter, etc. These keywords get a total ban. I never see these posts anywhere even if I’m following you.
  • ✋ I have soft tolerance for the other 33 keywords I softly ban. Meaning I don’t see them in my timeline but if mentioned in a reply, I will see them. Sometimes users have very diverse content but I’m mostly into web development, privacy, and such.

💡 Other tricks

  • 💜 I use the Mastodon advanced web interface (columns).
  • 💜 I use lists, not the regular Home feed. So I can have columns per topic (Tech, “Home”, Baseball…).
  • 💜 I follow hashtags, some times I don’t want all the user’s content but only parts of it. For the current anime on-air in my watchlist I follow the hashtags and interact with people posting about them this way. It’s fantastic, try it.

What are your personal policies on the Fediverse?

Any tips?


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