Getting a free Google Home Mini might be a trap

Google Home next to an Android phone

I have been a Google Drive (now Google One) paying subscriber for a couple of years). I store a lot of things there. Although I’ve never used even half of it 💸 I wish they had smaller plans. Because I wasn’t using so much I did some cleaning and proceeded to cancel my subscription as I’m now under my free threshold.

Today a colleague tells me Google is giving away free Google Home Mini devices to those paying customers. What?! 🤔

Indeed I went to the Google One account page and there it was a coupon code to redeem a Google Home Mini device on their store. I don’t need it but it’s 60€ and free, how can you say no?

EDIT: before the shippment arriving, Google has dropped the price to 39€. They seem a little desperate.

A Google Home Mini placed in a kitchen counter

This is clearly a trick. Nobody gives anything for free without getting anything in return 🧐

It is clear to you and me that Google wants to be in everywhere, to have a listening microphone in every single home. Even if it means giving away devices.

Should I keep it? Sell it?

Do you have one? What’s a good use case for it?

A friend uses it as a speaker, not as an assistant. That was one of my first thoughts. The thing is I already have an assistant, on my phone. I don’t use it though but maybe the problem is that is it my phone and not always available.

I haven’t received it yet. Any suggestions?


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