I’m being lied to with headphones

Apple AirPods product showcase

🎧 🍎

It’s been a while since Apple announced their revolutionary AirPods. These things are, supposedly, state of the art. The wireless headphones that cost 179€ or $159

You know how most of the Apple products are white? Connectors, old headphones, these new headphones… For a long time I crossed people on the subway or on the street wearing these white headphones. I always though:

Well done, those are some expensive headphones

Sometimes even teens wearing them. Here I was thinking:

What parents would buy a 180€ headphones to their kids?

It turns out I was probably wrong. If you do an Amazon search for AirPods only 2 products of the list are the official Apple AirPods. The rest are cheaper copies that look very much like the original product. Of course walking by someone wearing the copy, they’ll go unnoticed.

Mission accomplished.

Amazon web view with AirPods search


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