Nightmare at the dentist

Going to the dentist sucks

I don’t know anybody who likes going to the dental clinic. It’s a giant pain in the butt.

I do know people who are so used to it they actually don’t mind as much as I do. Maybe they’re just stronger than me.

Who in his right mind will put up with being laid on a long chair, almost upside down and with a strong light pointing your face?

You feel defenseless, you can’t fight back. Mouth open, even though you’re not feeling much pain, you’re in constant discomfort. Oh man, that water filling your mouth is awful. The sensation that you need to swallow but you don’t want to. Yeah, they try to suck it with some sort of vacuum cleaner, but you still want to swallow. You eventually do, half afraid that by doing so they’ll miss or cut you where they’re not supposed to.

All this agony makes me think about being a dentist, as a profession. Did they wake up one day and said to themselves: I want to become a dentist. I enjoy people’s pain. I want to change the world, a new world of ugly-free teeth!
It is probably one of the last jobs I would take, no offense.

So, I got two wisdom tooth removed. One of which was so nasty to remove that the dentist had to call the surgeon (the one that was supposed to do the operation in the first place) to help her out. After a long time of pulling, drilling and literally breaking the tooth, they removed all. Or that what they said.

Recovery sucks too

So after almost an hour of constant sorrow you’re free to ago. Don’t forget to pay the fees on your way out. It’s funny how they politely ask you: How are you? Are you feeling ok? No I’m not ok woman, you just drilled two big holes in my mouth and now I have to pay for it.

Once you get home you realize your war-like injuries bleed. Yes, they added stitches but that darn thing is bleeding. No surprise after all the cutting.

First thing you have to do is take the drugs, they should help. After a bad night, sleeping with an extra pillow to prevent suggest your blood to go down instead of going to your head. You wake up, it’s drug time again. It hurts and the blood has coagulated in your mouth. It’s disgusting.

Breakfast will be liquid cold yogurt and ice cream. Not sure how that might help but since you can barely open your mouth, drink-like food is appreciated.

I don’t know if it works but it’s certainly recommended: an ice pack sticked to your face. Not for a long time but in intervals. It should reduce the swollen area of your ugly face.

And now you wait, you wait until you get better. It will be a week of drugs, eating using just one side of your mouth and eventually followed but the stitches removal.

Yes, visiting the dentist sure is fun.


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