Enforced IoT

First of all, let me say I ❤️ technology. I make my living off it 💰 However, I don’t like when we’re not given a choice 😡 You see, my newly installed Samsung 🇰🇷 air conditioner can not be programmed without a mobile app 🤦‍♂️ The A/C machine must be hooked into the WiFi network […]

Is blogging dead?

I was reading this blog post the other day: Blogging is dead. Long live ephemerality. A crude slap to the face with reality to those of us who still love blogging. I honestly think blogging is not dead, not yet. Yes, I will not deny TikTok, Twitter, Instagram stories, and such are all essentially ephemeral […]

Work from home: good or bad?

I was reading Om Malik’s Real reasons why tech giants are hugging “Remote Work”, it has some fantastic points. Those fancy offices, catered lunches, and all the other luxuries that allow people to pretend that they are still in college and getting paid for it — that all costs money. No doubt. The offices I […]

Horrible human beings

📺 🙀 I’ve recently watched an original documentary by Netflix called: Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer It’s a quite well-done documentary about the horrendous story that unfolded around 2010 when a deranged person posted videos online killing cats and soon after, killing a person. I guess we all know the world is […]