Pizza is a personal thing

A cooked pizza on a wooden surface


I think pizza is a very personal thing. Let me explain.

I believe it is not possible to say:

I’ve found the best pizza place

You need to be specific. Do you like thin pizza? Do you like the Italian style? Chicago-style pizza? Small crust? Cheese crust? Tomato? No tomato?

It’s just too personal for someone to attempt claiming they know a good pizza place. We should change our wording and say we know a good place for X pizza style. Something like:

If you like NYC style pizza go to this place

I’ll be honest, I am cheap when it comes to pizza. My tongue does not require gourmet style creations. I will be happy with a Domino’s Pizza, which in Barcelona sells for only 7€.

I’ve tried many Italian places and most of them I don’t love. I can eat them. sure, they’re not bad. They’re just not my favourite. I wouldn’t repeat, if given an alternative. Usually the bread’s so thick the ingredients fall off when you try to eat it with your hands.


I’ve been to New York city in two trips, I like NYC style pizza. I did try different places and they were all good. NYC pizza is generally thin but thick enough to hold itself together when you eat it. Try it, if you ever find yourself in the big apple.

Final thoughts

I gotta say, it is not easy to find a pizza place with a style that I like in Barcelona. Mainly because the fallback option, Domino’s Pizza, is such a safe and easy bet.

Do you like pizza? If so, how do you like it?


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