Signs of a screwed up society

I was on the subway the other day. Here in Barcelona the trains are all connected so you can go from start to end easily.

The connection between the trains is some sort of moving platform. It’s safe to walk by of course but it moves quite a lot. It also doesn’t seem as strong, who knows how much weight it can bare.

In this small platforms there are signs that read: do not stand in the corridor

Here’s the situation: I was near the corridor then a mother and daughter enter the train. They stop at the platform even though the train is not crowded. There’s enough space to not be in the platform, there are even empty seats.

A minute later the daughter, who must be 10 or 11 years old, asks the mother: mum, the sign says it’s forbidden to stay in the corridor… Mum, it says we can not stand here.

The mother gives her a look and ignores her. Not even a word. He just touches her hair like petting a dog. They both stay in the platform until they get out some stops later.

I was like: wait, what just happened?

If any kid would’ve said the same thing to me I would’ve moved away (although I never stand in a corridor unless is full). Rules exist to be followed, not because they like to put those signs up there but for your own safety.

What kind of role model is that mother? What kind of person will this child become when she grows? How can you expect correct behavior if your own mother does not follow simple rules?


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