Skype: the pain is real

Skype logo

I don’t recall hating a piece of software as much as I hate Skype. I’m sorry, that’s how it is.

Every time I need to open it I’m like 🤢 Problem is, I don’t have a choice. We use an enterprise solution at work but from time to time we might need to use Skype for a video call.

I updated to 8.29, restarted, and when I did the 3 person video call the video window was like 300px wide and tall. There was no preference, option, command or button to make the videos go full-screen. I could maximize Skype’s windows but not the video. It was beyond ridiculous.

I wanted to share a screenshot but even the built-in MacOS screenshot tool could not capture the small video window. An almighty video box that can not be captured. it is probably ashamed of its own size, that’s why.

I’ve added a red rectangle to the image below to give you an idea of how small the live video overlay was.

To be honest it wouldn’t be a problem if it were a one time thing. Skype has been a pain point for a long time. I’m sure at Microsoft they’re working hard to solve it, at least I hope they are.

I don’t know if it was a bug in the new version or an intended feature. Whatever it was, it was horrible.


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