The Prime effect

For years I have been enjoying my Amazon Prime subscription. At work, we get vouchers for it so I use Amazon more than I would without them. Amazon is my go-to, I always check that first before checking other stores. 

The thing is… I’ve gotten used to the super fast delivery and incredible logistics 💯

These past weeks I’ve bought some things in regular online stores (not Amazon) and the experience has been so much worse 😢

  • Fake “in stock” labels: after buying I would get an email saying the item is not actually in stock 🤦‍♂️
  • Soft “out of stock” labels: the item would be listed and would say “please check the stock with us”. I did for like 5 stores and they all said the same “we don’t have it”. Well, couldn’t you just say “out of stock” instead? 😡
  • Slow shipping: Amazon’s speed is out of this world and if something takes a week, feels like a year when you’re used to next-day delivery 🚚
  • Product information quality: most regular online shops have very poor product descriptions, no pictures, and no reviews… It’s not a surprise but buying on Amazon is just easier, you get convinced faster 🤷‍♂️

I might have been taking Amazon’s logistics for granted. They have a very well-oiled machine (abusing their warehouse workers notwithstanding).



  1. Helena says:

    Maybe not so fast if it means exploiting the workers

    1. Yeah, you’re right. It would be ok to just take a little longer. We don’t really need things “the next day”.

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