The smoking man and human stupidity

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As I walked to the office I had a man walking in front of me. This man was smoking when suddenly he emitted a coughing sound which did not seem healthy nor natural. Yet, after recovering took a smoke from his cigarette.

That made me think how most of us humans are quite stupid and can not fight our urges or addictions. We are quite dumb, if you think about it.

Those of us who work in cities know living in a polluted environment is bad for us. Yet, we prefer the higher city salary and services, or commodities we would have in a smaller town.

Take food as another example. We all well know we need to eat more greens, and how processed food, junk food are bad for us. Yet, do we eat those. Why? Momentary pleasure? Sure, but isn’t there another way?

I find it interesting. I’ve heard people say things like:

Well, you have to die of something


A person might eat super healthy and yet die at a young age

True. But are those valid arguments? I do not have the numbers but I would like to believe those with a healthier lifestyle will outlive those who have chosen not to act.

Recently I have decided to cut down on the crap food I eat. I’ve entirely stopped eating cookies at the office, junk food, alcohol during the week. I allow myself to get greasy with a nice fatty pizza on the weekend but for the rest, I’m cutting down. I can already feel the small changes. Not easy but not impossible.

What’s your take on this?



  1. Helena says:

    Difícil però meritori. Felicitats!

    1. Massa aviat per cantar victòria però gràcies!

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